Are you aware of the presence of bacteria in your water, that could make you ill? 

These bacteria can grow into unwanted numbers and produce a biofilm, in which can shelter possible diseases like the legionella bacteria. There are already a number of techniques available, but none of them have the combination of all good properties like our BlueCloo®. And that’s where Bright Spark recent development differs from all the others. The best of the best of all disinfection technologies combined in one device. Just add electrical power and that’s it. An affordable solution, with a stunning, effective result without addition of any chemicals.

BlueCloo® prevents and reduces biofilm-growth and disinfects the water. At this very moment the device can be used in the consumer market as an in-situ disinfection device, but it can be easily up-scaled to industrial applications, like cooling water towers. The Mixed Oxidant Reactor, the core of the BlueCloo®, creates several oxidants, like e.g. chlorine dioxide and free chlorine in a low, safe quantity. With its disinfection properties like chlorine dioxide and free chlorine, it creates safe water. BlueCloo® is patented worldwide.

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